Paint Brushes

STC Glaze Brush

Glazing your models is a great way to add extra colour definition to a completed paint job, and to a..

STC L Base Brush

When it comes to painting your tanks, Knights, and Dreadnoughts, you want to get as much coverage fo..

STC L Dry Brush

As many commanders of the Astra Militarum may know, getting an entire column of vehicles ready for t..

STC L Shade Brush

When painting large models with Citadel Shade paints, it's important to get an even, smooth coat for..

STC M Base Brush

The Citadel Colour STC M Base brush is the perfect workhorse brush for new and veteran hobbyists, fe..

STC M Dry Brush

The technique known as drybrushing is a fantastic way to add detail to raised areas of your miniatur..

STC M Layer Brush

The synthetic M Layer brush is, quite possibly, the single most useful brush you will ever own. Whil..

STC M Shade Brush

Shading is one of the best ways to add instant depth and shadow to your models, and when you want to..

STC S Base Brush

Small enough to fit into all sorts of tight nooks and crannies, the S Base brush is perfect for gett..